Arrogance of CRC and Rehab only surpassed by St Michael’s House!


If you think that the National scandal of the behaviour of the boards of both the CRC and Rehab cannot be surpassed – I believe that when the activities of St Michael’s house are investigated – even more shocking revelations will emerge.

We have been deeply disturbed by the management of the St Michael’s house for the last 6 years and we believe that the organisation is not fit for purpose.

We ¬†lodged a complaint about the behaviour of Senior Management at St Micheal’s house last June and we are still being fobbed off by both the management and the Board of Directors. I believe that the Board of Directors of St Michael’s house are colluding with the senior management to deny us our right to complain about practices within the organisation that are an affront to service users.

I also believe that they should hang their head in shame and resign!

We are currently inviting all media outlets to talk with us so that these issues can be debated in public and ensure that this organisation be exposed for what it is.

Indeed any service users who have a grievance with St Micheal’s house – feel free to contact us so that we can collectively take action – including litigation – to prevent this organisation from continuing to fail it’s service users.

There arrogance and incompetence is staggering!

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