HSE now behind our campaign re St Micheals House Special Needs School Skerries

I spoke with Mt Pat Dunne Local Health Manager, Health Services Executive,Local Health Office,Dublin North, late last week and he has assured me he will do all within his power to help. Particularly he will be confirming when a second educational psychologist’s assessment can be obtained once a child has been determined to be at a certain level of retardation e.g Moderate or Severe.┬áThere is huge confusion within St Michaels House personnel over this matter – some staff say that a second assessment cannot be erntertained before a period of two years whilst other say 1 year and others saying 6 months. Mr Pat Dunne will seek to find the definitive answer to this.

Mr Pat Dunne was also very supportive about the new school building project and pledged his full support in this matter. Many thanks Pat for your endeavours and your encouragement- we really appreciate it!

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