Lusk National School – absolutely inspirational!

” Each school should be a community collectively accountable for the success or failure of every student. The educational team, rather than the individual teacher, should share the responsibility for the education of special needs children. Parents and volunteers should be invited to take an active part in the work of the school. Teachers, however, play a key role as the managers of the educational process, supporting children through the use of available resources both within and outside of the classroom.” Salamanca Statement.

Lusk Natioanl School are a shining example of the Salamanca Statement being put into practice. It embraces and embodies the principles of the Statement and is an example to all schools. My son’s experience in this school is a joy to behold and he is absolutely thriving within the school. There is no reason why Lusk National School cannot become a beacon for change and ensure that all schools offer a truly inclusive education.

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