Minister for Education Mr Batt O Keefe making enquires RE Admission Policy at St Michaels House Special Needs School in Skerries


We have received letters from the Minister for Education and Science Mr Batt O Keefe  informing us that he is making enquiries into these matters.


The matters in question relate to:


I am a concerned and frustrated parent of a profoundly mentally and physically retarded boy aged 5.


We live in Lusk and our son has been refused entry to the St Michael’s house special needs school in Skerries – as they say they will only cater for children who are moderately retarded.


He has been warmly welcomed as a pupil in Lusk National School – a mainstream school.  I do not believe that this school will be suitable for him in the medium term(i.e. next 2 years).


I want to use this time to force St Michaels House to admit him to the school in Skerries ( it has only 26 pupils despite having resources for 32 pupils). I also want to ensure that a new school is built in Skerries to cater for all special needs children.


I intend to use this issue to support a No vote in the Lisbon Treaty as I feel that is the only issue this Government really cares about – and if they lose the vote it will bring the Government down- and a new administration may actually provide this long overdue and long promised new school. I know I may incur the wrath of people like Michael O Leary of Ryanair but then again we are all well aware of his attitude to the infirm.

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