Refused a Wheelchair by St Michael’s House!


I have just been informed by St Michael’s House that our son Michael has been refused a wheelchair for which he has been sanctioned.

Apparently he has been put on a waiting list – but we have not been told how long this list is.

We as parents are contemplating returning ┬áthe wheelchair that he currently has – which is too small for him ( a health and safety issue) – and we will leave him sitting outside the gates of Leinster House until they give him a chair.

This news comes in the week that we have had serious difficulties trying to seek a meeting with the board of directors of St Michael’s House. We have now had 3 meetings with very senior management in St Michael’s house requesting to meet with the Board of Directors. The process is extremely time consuming, difficult, and uncomfortable and it looks like if we do succeed in meeting the board it will not be until after the Summer – ie a full 9 months after our initial request. The leadership and management of St Michael’s house is a cause of serious concern. I will post more about this later.

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