St Michael’s House Board of Directors Meeting – Cover Up?

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We have been seeking a meeting with the board of directors of St Michael’s house for months.

We have been trying for months to arrange this meeting with the board through the offices of Patricia Doherty in St Michael’s House but to no avail.

We are very concerned at the fact that the Board of Directors – despite being ware that we seek a meeting – are refusing to meet with us.

We have major issues with the way St Michael’s House is being run.

  • The Management are not implementing company policy re Inclusive Education
  • The staff are misinforming parents about their rights re Inclusive education
  • The Management are supervising a situation whereby children are being mistreated on a daily basis by forcing them to endure hours commuting on buses going to and from school.
  • The Management are clueless about what educational model re Inclusive Education they are following
  • There is no Assistive Technology department in St Michael’s house.
  • Corporate Governance at St Michael’s house leaves a lot to be desired.
  • The organisation has no leadership skills at Senior Management level.
  • The Management are failing the children in their care
  • The Management are tolerating a situation whereby they continue to allow children access to their services despite the Chief Executive of the organisation saying that they do not have the resources to cater for them
  • There are no measurements of outputs/results achieved for service users
  • There is no accountability within the organisation
  • The organisation culture is one of fear

These and a whole host of other issues are items we would like to get clarification on from the Board of Directors.

We keep being told that the Board of Directors are voluntary members – this is also very concerning as they are tasked with overseeing Government funding of in the region of €80 million euro per year.

We have now written to the HSE to inform them of our frustrations in this regard- we will wait and see how long it takes for this meeting to take place.

If we fail to get a meeting – it will confirm our suspicion that the organisation has mant things they would not like the public to know.

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