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Ombudsman for children criticises the HSE

Friday, March 5th, 2010

Child CareThe Ombudsman for Children has criticised the Government and HSE for their failure to implement an independent child death review system -capable of improving child protection and boosting public trust.
Emily Logan said there was a lack of a uniform approach, systematic method or independence to the investigation of child deaths.

She said the HSE currently set up ad hoc inquiries, which were not fully independent and did not provide systematic reviews that could be compared with other inquiries to prodcue robust recommendations.

Next week the Health Information and Quality Authority will publish new guidelines for the HSE to follow in relation to the conduct of investigations into deaths of children in state care and the publication of reports.

This has all emerged as a result of the publicity surrounding the report of the death of Tracey Fay. This case is too upsetting for words! May Tracey rest in peace.