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CBeebies host – Cerrie Burnell – Advocates for Diversity!

Thursday, May 26th, 2011

Ceerie Burnell

BBC children’s presenter Cerrie Burnell wants more people with disabilities to be cast in strong storylines on television to challenge perceptions.

The CBeebies host, who has only one hand, said she was in a “lovely and powerful” position — in her high-profile television show — to highlight diversity.

A number of parents complained after Ms Burnell, who stopped wearing a prosthetic arm at primary school, first appeared on the children’s channel as a host back in 2009.

“There were some of the parents who objected because I think they felt it raised difficult discussions with their children regarding disability. There are not enough disabled people on television,” she said yesterday to highlight her involvement in next month’s two-day Disabled Drivers of Ireland conference which runs alongside a free Access, Care and Mobility Expo at Dublin’s CityWest Hotel.

“That needs to change. I’m at the forefront of that change. It is a lovely and powerful position to be in. It is an industry so based on looks and it is difficult to proceed whoever you are,” she said.

“We’ve got to keep writing good storylines reflecting real issues including disabilities and other types of diversity.”

– Louise Hogan

Irish Independent Sat 14th May

Special Stories – a Great Idea and Website!

Saturday, April 3rd, 2010


Who are We?

Special Stories Publishing is an award winning Irish publishing company which specialises in books for children, parents, families and schools throughout the world.  We introduce disabilities, social, health and education issues to all children in a child focused and unique way. Our stories are designed to celebrate diversity and difference and help children to learn the importance of accepting all friends and classmates as equals. 


A Social Enterprise:

Special Stories Publishing is a considered a ‘social enterprise’ as our business activities and goals are fuelled by a central social purpose. Special Stories was awarded a Social Entrepreneurs Ireland award in 2008, Social Entrepreneurs Ireland is part of a global network of social entrepreneurs.


Our Work with Charities:

Special Stories has partnered with a diverse range of charities and organisations throughout Europe, offering each one the chance to tell their very own ‘special story’.  When addressing such sensitive issues, joining forces with a professional organisation is vital to offer children and families the highest quality product possible.


All books published through Special Stories Publishing are reviewed and approved by healthcare professionals of the associated topics in question. Such as teachers, foster care and adoption social work teams, diabetes nurses and speech therapists, all of whom are experts in their field.