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Department of Education and Science Reviewing its Discriminatory Policy

Friday, September 25th, 2009

The Department of Education has been forced to change rules that would have required a teenager to leave school at the age of 18 because he has a learning disability, while allowing his twin sister to continue.

Ms Keen ( mother of the two children) took her case to the Equality Tribunal, along with the parents of other special needs children, who are all pupils at Catherine McAuley School in Limerick. The case was supported by the Equality Authority.

As well as ordering the Department to review its policy, the Tribunal ordered it to pay a total of 10,000 euro compensation to three of the students who took the case under the Equal Status Act.

We congratulate Ms Keen for winning her case and commend her for fighting for the rights of her son. Well done and we wish you and your children evry best wish for the future.