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Intellectual Disability and Social Inclusion A Critical Review

Wednesday, October 28th, 2009

Intellectual Disability and Social Inclusion: A Critical Review by Martin R Bollard.

The above book addresses the isssue from a UK viewpoint. The book clearly shows how far behind official thinking is in Ireland. There is no guiding policy or leagl requirement that congregated settings (the large institutions) should be disestablished and closed down. There is no uniform understanding in Ireland that person centeredness should be at the core of service provision.There is certainly no comprehension that individual budgets ( providing the service user or their representative with the resources that they can use to choose which typoe of service suits them) should be available for all.

There are too many services that reject person centred principals. This book makes it clear why these services have got it wrong and, as such, it is essential reading for managers, staff and students in intellectual disability services in Ireland.

Review by Colin Griffiths

This was extracted from Frontline magazine