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Senator Fergal Quinn advises a Yes Vote to Lisbon

Friday, September 4th, 2009

Thank you to Senator Feargal Quinn for supporting our campaign. Feargal feels that by publicising the issues we have a much greater chance of success.

He does advise against supporting the No Campaign in the Lisbon Referendum as he feels that ” if we do not support a more efficient Europe then our chances of solving our financial problems will be limited”. I respect this view – but I disagree with it.

Why not join our Forum on this site if you want your views on Europe expressed.

Minister for Education Mr Batt O Keefe making enquires RE Admission Policy at St Michaels House Special Needs School in Skerries

Friday, August 28th, 2009


We have received letters from the Minister for Education and Science Mr Batt O Keefe  informing us that he is making enquiries into these matters.


The matters in question relate to:


I am a concerned and frustrated parent of a profoundly mentally and physically retarded boy aged 5.


We live in Lusk and our son has been refused entry to the St Michael’s house special needs school in Skerries – as they say they will only cater for children who are moderately retarded.


He has been warmly welcomed as a pupil in Lusk National School – a mainstream school.  I do not believe that this school will be suitable for him in the medium term(i.e. next 2 years).


I want to use this time to force St Michaels House to admit him to the school in Skerries ( it has only 26 pupils despite having resources for 32 pupils). I also want to ensure that a new school is built in Skerries to cater for all special needs children.


I intend to use this issue to support a No vote in the Lisbon Treaty as I feel that is the only issue this Government really cares about – and if they lose the vote it will bring the Government down- and a new administration may actually provide this long overdue and long promised new school. I know I may incur the wrath of people like Michael O Leary of Ryanair but then again we are all well aware of his attitude to the infirm.