“Taking Control” – and so say all of us!

There is now a new appreciation from the Department of Health and Children, the HSE and voluntary service providers that the old way of doing things with its spiralling costs is no longer sustainable. An estimated 1.5 billion euro was spent on disability services in 2007, yet waiting lists for services continue to grow. The current system is expensive (80,000 euro is the HSE average cost for a residential place and 15,000 euro – 20,000 euro for a day place.) It is inflexible,the person or his/her family does not have much say in how the money is spent, or have a choice of service provider, and perhaps more importantly, the money is attached to the service not the person. For the first time in many years there is a real and growing interest in reforming how services for people with disabilities are delivered. A group of disability organisations called “Taking Control” which Inclusion Ireland is a part of, has been formed to campaign for individualised funding for people with disabilities.

Source: Inclusion Ireland Newsletter Dec 2009

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