The Ombudsman for Children – Emily Logan- We are indeed in Good Hands!

“When a parent of two children with special needs has to liaise with people from 24 different health specialities in an effort to secure services, it is clear that there is somenthing radically wrong with the system”

“Without all that work put in by the parents, it was evident the children would not be benefitting from the same level of services. So it begs the question, what about the children who do not have parents¬† who¬† can fight their cause.”

Emily Logan

“Your lot in life should not only be determined by your luck in terms of your parents and your family”

” Her focus for the next year will be on two groups in particular: children with special needs and children who don’t have parents to fight for them.She refuses to bend to the prevailing wind of helplessness that improvements can’t be made without more resources, pointing out that in many cases it is a change of culture and practice that is needed”

“We have to move away from the sense of parents being made to feel grateful for services provided, she argues.”

“It is important that parents, however small their concern, should feel absolutly free to express it without any worry about the ramifications”.

The above are all ectracts from an interview given by the Ombudsman for Children,Emily Logan, to journalist Sheila Wayman – published in the The Irish Times Health Supplement Tuesday 27th July 2010.

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